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I love this quote so much!!


I love this quote so much!!

just homecoming pictures taken by my wonderful mother :)

Chapter 1: The Begining

“Renée!” My mother called with a hint of annoyance, “That friend is here!” 

“Okay! I’ll be right in!” 

As I headed towards the house, weaving my way through and around groups of people, Blake’s head popped out from the kitchen door. With a smile he asked, “Are you ready?”

“For what?” I asked exasperatedly. 

“To go to the forest of course!” he replied as he motioned to Dréag Forest behind me. “So you go grab your stuff and I’ll meet ya at the edge of Dréag.”

Then he was off. Oh! Why did he have to show up now? Of all the times he could’ve come, now was the worst. No one here liked Blake and that meant that I had to get him away from here; but I had to admit, going to the forest was a good idea. So I quickly ran inside and grabbed my backpack, because with Blake anything could be necessary. No one questioned me about where I was going, or even seemed to noticed that I was leaving. 

When I reached Dréag, Blake was nowhere to be seen. 

“Oh great,” I thought, “Where’d he go now?” After pacing about for sometime a thought struck me: The Great Oak Stump, or so it’d been named by Blake and I. That’s where he’d be. When I got there, well let’s just say Blake was being his normal goofy self. 

“What are you doing Blake?”

“What you ask?” He laughed, ”Why, I am the king of this stump!!”

“Yes I can see that, but why are we all the way out here?” I asked, ”There’s still a party happening at my house. You know that right?”

“Ya I know,” he said as he sat down on the stump, “But today’s the last day you’ll be here and don’t you want to have some fun?”

”Blake, I was having fun.” I was slowly losing it; I wouldn’t be able to stay calm for long. Dealing with Blake had become harder and harder.

“I mean real fun. You’re always hanging around with those people and I thought you could use some time away from them.” He exclaimed grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the fallen oak. “Don’t you want to do something that you don’t do anymore?”

I looked at him as he pulled me along but he didn’t get very far before I stopped and pulled my hand away. I wasn’t going to let him drag me around. “Look Blake, we shouldn’t be out here. I should be back there and you should be at home, not out here in the woods.”

He looked at me as though I’d said I wanted to jump off a cliff. “What’s happened to you Reni? You used to love doing things like this.”

“Nothing happened except me growing up, and that’s something you should learn to do as well.” I snapped. That’s Blake; he’s never really understood that concept, and it was getting on my nerves. 

He held up his hands defensively saying “Whoa! I was just joking around. You don’t…” 

“That’s your problem. You’re always joking around. It makes you act like such a little kid!” He needed to learn to grow up.

“What’s wrong with being a little kid?” He asked.

“What’s wrong with it?” I questioned angrily, “ We aren’t little kids anymore. That’s what’s wrong.”

“Thanks for that insight.” He said walking away, only stopping to say, “You know, you’re not as grown up as you might think. “ Then he was gone. 

Why?! Why did he have to show up today? He just made things worse. As I wandered back home memories flooded my mind. The time when Blake and I met, because he thought that climbing the biggest tree he could find was a smart idea, and of all the times we played in the woods made my head spin. Those were fun and even happy times, but they were all over now. It was time for us to grow up. Slowly, my house appeared. It looked so busy and the partygoers were enjoying themselves as they talked and laughed. Those who noticed me walking up smiled and said that they’d miss me. Almost everyone I knew was there, but I felt so alone. 

A sense of sadness washed over me. Nothing made sense. My head pounded; everyone looked like a blurry mess of colors. I hurried through the crowd of people to get inside. My mom tried to stop me to ask where I’d been. Not wanting to hear what else she had to say I pushed past her and closed myself in my room. Tomorrow we’d be moving and I would leave all these feelings here, but that night I let the past rule me.


Four years is a long time.  When I moved from Suret to Volrazp I’d told myself that I would leave my past behind and make new friends and a fun life. That’s just what I did. I made two wonderful friends the last year of middle school and we three have been best friends ever since. There’s Lynelle Anderson who’s a major flirt, but she isn’t all over the guys like other girls at our high school. She’s the type of girl who could be a queen bee if she wanted to; with good grades she’d even qualify for honor roll if she tried. Then there’s Paige Hart; she’s a random, ditzy, and outgoing blonde. She doesn’t have good grades, but she tries her hardest. 

This next year is our last before we go our separate ways. I’m planning on going to college for who knows what, Lynelle’s planning on going to beauty school, and Paige doesn’t have any plans, like usual. We apparently have to take a class this year that will help our credits transfer more effeciently, but I doubt that anyone will actually pay attention. Now is not the time to be worrying about school though. At least, according to Lynelle and Paige summer time means pool parties and boys, the one thing that’s almost always on a girl’s mind. Lynelle and Paige have been trying for years to get me a boyfriend, so this summer they’ve decided to succeed. 

Lynelle has decided that our plans this week consist of going to Preston’s pool party. He’s the most popular guy at our school and, according to rumors, he broke up with his girlfriend around two weeks ago. My friends insist that he’s the perfect target for me.


 The lights flashed and the music was tremendously loud. Drinks were spilled, from their homes in the Red Solo cups, onto the floor where napkins and empty plates sat smooched and crumpled. Who knew that a pool party could be so hectic? Slowly making our way to the drink coolers, Lynelle, Paige, and I dodged flailing limbs from nearby dancers. Oh how I wished that I could go home! I never really liked parties, especially chaotic ones. 

I suddenly felt a sharp pain on the back of my head. The world blacked out and when I came to, there was Preston gorgeous face. “You okay?” He said, “That was a pretty nasty hit you got.” 

Why did he look so wonderful? I’d never seen him this close before. “Oh,” I laughed, “It’s not as bad as some of my other accidents.” Stupid! Why did I say that?! I don’t want him to know about those!

“Well then,” He said helping me up. Then he leaned really close and whispered in my ear, “If you’re honestly not feeling well you can go back to the guest bedroom and lay down for a bit, and I could keep you company.” 

That sly dog! That jerk! Who did he think he was? Elvis Presley? I wasn’t going to let him treat me this way. In my sweetest voice I whispered back, “That won’t be necessary. I was just  on my way out.”

I pushed him away and walked to the door, stopping only to tell Lynelle that I wouldn’t need a ride home. If I hadn’t been so mad, I might’ve noticed the stranger standing under the stairs. Once I was gone Preston moved over too the stranger, “So you were saying Blake?”

“I’m sorry Preston,” the stranger replied looking at his watch, “That’ll have to wait, I have somewhere else that I need to be.” With that the stranger left. 


My first party and I’m insulted by that guys behavior. Why couldn’t teenage boys be gentlemen? I mean come on. If he thought that smooth talking would win me over, he’d obviously never paid any attention to me; meaning he wasn’t worth my time if I hadn’t been his. This is why I’ve never been interested in having a boyfriend. All the boys that I’d gotten to know where like Preston. They thought that the only thing they had to do to get a girl was to sweet talk them; then they could do whatever they wanted with them once they were theirs.  

“Why did he look so gorgeous?” I yelled to the sky.

“Well, why are you yelling at the sky?” Said a voice to my left. 

I quickly turned, but all I saw was a stranger in the shadow of an apple tree. 

“Who are you?” 

“Ah,” He sighed, “Now that is the question? You could say that I’m someone you’ve always known.”

His voice was like honey with a deepness like the sea, but I shouldn’t let that get to me. Shaking my head I said, “That makes no sense. What’s your name?”

He shifted from one foot to the other and back again like he was nervous. “That I can’t tell you.”

“And why not?” I asked. “You obviously know who I am, so doesn’t it make sense that I should know who you are?”

“It’s more complicated than you think, but you will see me again” He replied then he walked behind the trunk of the tree and seemed to disappeared. I ran to see if he had climbed the tree, but he was neither in the tree or anywhere else. I sat down at the base of the tree and thought about what he could mean. If he’s someone I’ve always known then why didn’t he let me know who he was?! even if it is complicated, that’s just not fair. 

My head rolled back to look at the golden sky above. This summer was definitely the weirdest one out of all. The rest of the summer went by in a flash, but I didn’t see that mystery man again. I started to wonder if that hit to my head had just been playing tricks on me. Little did I know that he wasn’t just a part of my imagination.


Had fun working with watercolors! Never knew you could do things like this with them!!

Had fun working with watercolors! Never knew you could do things like this with them!!

I absolutely love this!!

I absolutely love this!!